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Why Your Business Needs a Website

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Web Design Mandurah

The start of the internet has revolutionised the way humans interact and do business. It has truly turned the world into a global village where individuals and businesses leverage cutting edge technology platforms and paradigms to bring about a host of changes. These changes relate to the proliferation of social media and gaming sites, travel and eCommerce portals among others. The internet revolution has made our lives easy and convenient besides changing our lifestyles through a swift access to information, products and services. The growth has received a further boost in the arm with the entry of smartphones wherein users can harness the immense power of technology while being on the move.

When it comes to businesses, the internet has seen the B2B and B2C segments grow phenomenally thanks to the presence of a bewildering number of websites on the World Wide Web. Statistics show that the internet has influenced the global retail sales to a whopping $2.3 trillion, which is expected to go up to $2.84 trillion by the end of 2018. Another study has shown that around 1.6 billion people used the internet for shopping in 2017 and the figure is likely to go up to 1.79 billion by the end of 2018 (Source:

The growing impact of the internet has made entrepreneurs sit up and leverage the technology to meet their business objectives. Thus, should you want to enhance your brand visibility, expand the sales funnel, and reach your target customers in a better way, building a website from web design services in Mandurah has become important. 

The following segment describes the benefits your business can avail should you take it online by building a website.

  • 24/7 Accessibility – The most interesting aspect about having a website is that it is accessible around the clock throughout the year. Importantly, customers will be able to access your website and know about the products and services from anywhere in the world. So, even if your brick and mortar store is closed on holidays or beyond the business hours, your customers can be in touch with you thanks to the website.
  •  Enhanced Marketing – If you are having a hard time advertising your business, then a website should prove to be of real help. You can use the digital marketing channels such as PPC, Google Analytics, email, and social media platforms among others to market your website and reach your target customers effectively. Besides, you can print the URL of your website on promotional materials like brochures, visiting cards, flyers etc and promote them offline.
  • Broader Target Audience – When you have a website for your business, the scope of its visibility to the potential customer base increases. It implies that you need not remain confined to the local market alone but reach the global stage.

Conclusion: There are a lot of compelling reasons for business owners or budding entrepreneurs to have business websites. Moreover, the growing number of tech-savvy people has made it difficult for traditional businesses to sustain and grow. You may not be well versed with the technological advancements of the day but can stay competitive by having a business website. While you can build a website on your own, engaging professional web development services such as web design in Mandurah can make your website to be attractive, robust, high on features, and secure. So, build your website today and have an amazing interface to interact with your customers from around the world.


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