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Improving Keyword Ranking With Building Links

by | Apr 28, 2019 | Mandurah SEO, seo mandurah

The online world is teeming with websites from virtually every possible domain. This means your website shall be lurking in some unknown corner unnoticed by your target customers unless you decide to act. Remember, your website will only get noticed or garner traffic if it is visible on search results in response to a user’s search query. The search term aka keyword, when used by a user in a search engine, lets the crawler program of Google, or any specific search engine, to look for the content containing the keyword and displays the same on SERPs.

This brings us to the question – how to improve your keyword ranking? For if users are able to view your website in the top sections of the SERPs when they search for a query, its visibility increases. This enhances the chances of your website, either developed by you in-house or by engaging a web design company, being visited by your target customers (and even driving people to buy products or services.) There are several ways using which your site’s keywords can fetch better rankings. These include publishing relevant content and updating the same regularly, using alt tags, updating metadata, and building links. Let us discuss how the last one – building links can help in improving your keyword ranking.

What is link building?

It is one of the techniques used in Search Engine Optimisation or SEO that gives a signal to the search engines such as Google about the relevance and worth of your website as a quality resource. Thus, more the backlinks to your site, higher would be its ranking. Besides, good quality links would help your website garner better referral traffic thus increasing its brand equity.

How to drive a successful link building strategy?

Audience: First and foremost, you must know about your audience and their preferences. Also, you must explore the demographics to expand your customer base instead of being happy with a particular set of users. For example, if you are looking for web developers in Mandurah, you can expand the search further by including WordPress web developers in Mandurah. You can target these segments by creating suitable pieces of content.

List of websites: Find out the type of websites that are visited by your target audience. If your website receives links from such websites, you can garner referral traffic from them as well. Thus, all the more reasons the web development services should incorporate SEO features in a website to facilitate link building.

Create content matching the taste of the audience: Write blogs/articles that can fit into the list of websites as discussed above. This means the content has to be amazing so as to appeal to your target audience. Moreover, should your content be relevant and of high quality, the websites visited by your target customers might be interested to establish a link to your content. Also, people visiting your website by following those links can help you get business.

Post content in third party sites: It is time to reach out to third party sites that have an increased appeal with your target customers. Let such websites know of your content and if possible, post the same on their sites and helping your website to draw link juice. Importantly, this should be an organic process with emphasis on personal communication rather than sending automated emails to the administrators of such sites.


Promoting your website on the basis of specific keywords can be achieved, albeit slowly, using link building. Also, besides posting content on third party sites you can post them on social media as well. Use techniques like sharing and tweeting on social media to draw more people to your content. A quality link building exercise can enhance the popularity of your website and help you garner better leads.


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