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How To Make SEO And Web Design Work Together?

by | Jan 16, 2019 | Mandurah Web Design

In the world of internet customer service, it is important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.” – J.P.Morgan & Co.

Can SEO and website design be in conflict? Seemingly not! However, perception points to that direction as both SEO and website design appear to target different segments. If SEO is about optimizing the website to make it search engine friendly, website design is all about providing a great user experience to the customers. So, even if both SEO and website design ultimately cater to the single most important entity for business – ‘the customer,’ the involvement of different teams employing different methodologies and approaches can be a cause of conflict. Let us find out how a website development company in Mandurah can strike a balance between the two goals – of building a website that is SEO friendly as well as providing a high UX.

Twin Approaches

When consumers look for products, services, or information, an SEO friendly website would show up on the search result pages. And to ensure the same, any top SEO agency in Mandurah would use elements like keyword optimized contents, videos, infographics, powerpoints, classifieds, etc. On the other hand, website design services entail adding attractive design elements, rich features, and robust functionalities to help users find their desired products/services/information in an organic and seamless manner. Ideally, both the development and SEO teams should work together while placing content in the website. The placement should be such that it does not have any adverse impact on the UX or design elements of the website.

The meeting point between SEO and UX

Since search engines rank a website based on parameters such as the quality and quantity of user traffic among others, the usability of a website comes into play. For if a website is user friendly, customers are likely to visit it to get their queries resolved. Here, the increasing user traffic shall be considered to be a sign of popularity of the website by the search engines. This will lead to the site being ranked higher than its competitors.

Achieving both SEO and design objectives not only requires driving visitors to your site but ensures they spend a longer time there. This reflects well on your site’s ranking as the search engines consider your site to be of interest. At the same time, the design elements, features and functionalities of your site provide for a seamless UX and allow the users to stay longer.

How to achieve a balance between SEO and UX requisites?

  • The webpage should have a heirarchical structure with proper headings, directions, and logo to ensure an organic search visibility and seamless navigation.
  • Each and every element in the website should be there for a purpose. This can help improve the UX as well as let the SEO keywords count.
  • Design your site in such a way that makes it easy to use for the specific niche.
  • Give adequate white spaces in your blog to give relief from eye fatigue. Also, divide your content into sections wherein each is defined by a subheading. This makes the site look organized and increase the user engagement.

Size of images

Attractive product images help in improving the UI of a website. These create the much needed visual impact on users and let them spend a longer time on the website. Developers routinely add high quality images to the front end in order to improve the aesthetic value of the site. However, the same can adversely impact the load time of the website as well. Since load time is considered to be a prerequisite by Google and other search engines to rank a site, a slow loading website is less likely to feature at the top of the SERPs. Hence, any SEO services provider from Mandurah would insist on smaller and compressed images to improve the load time. Such a situation can be easily addressed by using image compression tools to compress and reduce the size of an image file (for SEO purpose) without compromising its quality (for development purpose.)


To obtain an SEO friendly website with an amazing design, there needs to be a greater coordination between the SEO and web development teams, especially from the beginning.  Ensure the changes needed for search engine optimization are incorporated at the beginning rather than at the last minute to avoid complexity. In case you want your website to have a great UI/UX and be optimized for search engines at the same time, engage professional web design services from Mandurah.


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