Every company needs their own branded domain name

Having a branded or .com domain will help promote your business to the world. You can have your email addresses as well as a location for your website. This makes it easier for everyone to find you.


Why should you have to pay more for domains when it should be included!

Australian Domains $ per year Transfer $15 Free $15 Free $15 Free
Minimum 2 years registration required

International Domains $ per year Transfer
.com $20 $20
.net $20 $20
You can register 1 - 10 years

Not everyone can register a or domain name. A valid ABN, ACN or trademark number must be provided. The business name must be as close or relevant to the domain name that you registering.
Registering any or domain name requires being able validate that your organisation is an incorporated association, political party, trade union, sporting/special interest club, charity or non-profit organisation.
You can register any .com domains without any specific requirements. .com domains are available world wide so the chances of getting something generic is rare. We normally suggest supplementing your with a .com domain as well. It saves someone overseas trying to replicate your successfull business.